The Little Wren


The day I met my Dani, it was like looking into a mirror.

Well, except for the part where she had blonde hair and blue eyes, both of which I emphatically do not possess. We met freshman year in the scene shop at our university’s performing arts center, where we’d both been hired as carpenters to build sets for the theatre program. It’s kind of an odd place to meet other young ladies, to be honest, but the potential for an unbreakable bond is powerful and immediate. Somebody’s got to have your back in that sea of testosterone and broken drill bits.

It didn’t take long to recognize that we had a little more in common than your average coworkers. We already knew that it takes a special kind of person to be passionate about something like technical theatre; but other people had noticed, too, that we talked similarly. We dressed alike – and not just in our baggy paint clothes, but in our (somewhat unexpected) love of full-skirted dresses and other pretty things. We had had similar childhoods and carried the same scars. We were masters of sarcasm, went fearlessly toe-to-toe in verbal combat with anyone brave or silly enough to step up to the challenge, and loved to write. We shared a bad habit of getting hurt in stupid ways and limping back to work the next morning, no matter what. We were and still are almost comically short, even down to that same quarter-inch.

Perhaps most unusually, and for a college setting in particular, we often lamented to each other that this higher education business was for the birds… and we’d much rather be barefoot in the garden, loving our husbands and raising our children. Sometimes it’s funny how things work out.

Dani and I don’t see a lot of each other anymore, but we still dream faithfully of the day when our garden paths will run side by side. For now, I have her wonderfully funny and inspiring new blog – The Little Wren – to keep track of her adventures in gardening, piglets, beagle-chasing, and true love as she tackles her dream of hard work and homesteading with an admirable young man by her side. I have no doubt that their efforts will bear much good fruit! And vegetables… and bacon.


One thought on “The Little Wren

  1. Danica says:

    You have left me speechless, you know. As you often do. <3

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